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two people having sex and having a friends with benefits relationship

Friends with Benefits Tips

Here are the best tips for friends with benefits retaliations. As experts in FWB dating, we guide members to the best success

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a man and woman who meetup and agreed to deal for a sex

How to Close the Deal on a Sex Meetup?

7 pro tips from Fuck Meets that you need to remember when closing the deal on a sex meetup.

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couples from who met in fuckmeets having a casual sex

How to Have Casual Sex?

6 Secret Rules to Have a Casual Sex Relationship

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a woman lays on the bed with a man beside her

July Updates to Fuck Meets

If you're on the hunt for that special someone or a fun-filled hookup, we've got some exciting news for you

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a woman biting the ear of a man while fucking

The Dos and Don'ts of a Fuck Meetup

Learn the crucial dos and don'ts of a fuck meetup for a consensual and enjoyable experience.

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a woman in the bathroom holding her phone while her panty is pulled down and creating her perfect fuckmeets profile

How To Set Up The Perfect FuckMeets Profile

Crafting the perfect FuckMeets profile requires finesse.

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a man and a woman having an intimate sex in bed intimately

What Does Sex Feel Like?

Understanding what sex can feel like and what to expect during different types of sexual encounters.

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a young woman using the fuckmeets app on her phone

FuckMeets 2024 in Review

A quick rundown of fuckmeets's progress for the year 2024

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a man getting his woman on bed after a nice delivery of pickup lines

Favorite Pick Up Lines That Leads to Sex

Do you want to learn pick up lines that will lead to sex?

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a woman browsing her mobile phone and using the tiktok app to have sex

Sex Via Tik Tok 2024 (TikTok Sex Guide)

Do you want to spice up your sex life?

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couples who met from reddit starts undressing and about to have sex

Best Reddit Sex Stories of 2024 (Sex Subreddits Included)

So, where can you get the best free adult videos on the internet?

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a sexy woman holding her phone while browsing in snapchat

Sex Via Snapchat 2024 (Snapchat Sex Guide)

Wanna Fuck Someone in Snapchat?

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local slut from fuckmeets laying on a white bed while wearing a black sexy lingerie

How To Meet Local Sluts for Free in 2024

Interested in meeting a local slut?

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scam logo on a keyboard

Top Fuck Site Scams and How to Avoid Them

Prevent from getting fooled, it's easy how to detect them.

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fuckmeets member taking an image by the pool

How to Create The Best Profile on Fuck Meets

It's now simpler than ever to hook up.

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girl and man in underwear

What is Considered a Casual Hookup?

Looking for an anal encounter? Learn how to arrange anal on the first meet n fuck here.

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a girl in red bikini showing ass

Is Anal Acceptable on Your First Meet and Fuck?

Looking for an anal encounter? Learn how to arrange anal on the first meet n fuck here.

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a couple after a sex date wearing masks

How to Arrange Your First Covid-19 Sex Date?

Looking to setup your first sex date during covid-19? Heres our guide!

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two girls in lingerie in the dark wearing masks

How to Hookup During COVID-19?

Current guidelines asked everyone to keep away from each other when possible.

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girl in bikini with pink background

How to Sleep with a Girl on the First Date?

Are you asking yourself how to sleep with a girl on the first date? If so, read this week's FuckMeets blog post.

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girl in bathing suit leaning on wall

Some Ideas for a Fun Date - How to Rock Her World

Want to rock her world on the first date? Here are some great ideas.

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girl and guy on bed

When to Make The First Move As A Guy

As a guy, making the first move is all but expected. While there are women who are willing to take matters into their own hands.

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fuckbuddy girl laying on bed

What to Do When Your Fuckbuddy Wants a Relationship?

Hooking up is a no string attached relationship. But what will you when your fuckbuddy wants something more?

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guy sitting over a bar after a girlfriend breakup

How to Get Over Your Girlfriend

When you've just gone through a breakup with your girlfriend, moving on is much easier said than done in many cases.

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college students hooking up in black and white image

How To Meet College Girls for Hookups!

Ah, girls in college? Well, expect zero sexual inhibitions and a lot of sexual desires and opportunities.

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girl in underwear holding her bra walking to her boyfriend in bed wearing pants

Favorite Sex Positions for People in Mid 20s

A love-making battle is fun. A repetitive position, however, ruins everything.

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sexy brunette in sports bra posing for a fuckbuddy photo

Are you looking for a local fuck buddy?

Most people want to have sexual fun with someone when there are no strings attached

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sexy local mature posing for her profile photo wearing red shirt

Find all the local Matures to fuck here

Hot mature women are constantly looking for instant sex. They have sexual needs and desires just like anybody else.

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local teen taking photo in mirror is sexy sports wear

Want to Find Local Teens to Fuck?

Most guys are attracted to teens, because teens are enjoying sex more than anybody else.

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