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What to Do When Your Fuckbuddy Wants a Relationship?

Hooking up is a no string attached relationship. But what will you when your fuckbuddy wants something more?

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How to Avoid your Hookup Partner from Falling in Love with You?

Before knowing what to do when your fuckbuddy wants a relationship, let us learn how to avoid that kind of situation.

Avoid all Aspects that Any Serious Relationship Has

It’s tempting to call or text your fuckbuddy in rapport. Don’t do that. The more you learn about the person, the riskier it is to develop feelings for her. Just call her for a hookup. Then, leave everything inside the room.

Never Ask to Hang Out

It’s best to find other things that will keep you busy. You can ask your closest friends or colleagues for a drink in the nearest bar. You can go home, watch TV, drink wine, listen to songs, eat your dinner, take a bath, and rest.

Do not End Every Session with a Cuddle

After sex, avoid laying in each other’s arms unless the relationship is serious. Long cuddles, on the other hand, could also result in lengthy conversations.

Never Spend the Night with the Person

After a hookup, leave the place. Don’t stay there for a long time unless you want more. You can also tell the person that you have fun. That’s it!

Don’t Add your Fuckbuddy on Social Media Platforms

Let’s be honest! You remember your fuckbuddy. Some men might search or add them to their social media accounts. Don’t do the same thing. Avoid temptation. You can also search for her name on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. But remove the thought of adding them.

Things to Do When Your Fuckbuddy Wants a Relationship

If your hookup partner wants something serious, what are you going to do? Well, it will be easy on how to deal with the situation. When you are currently in a relationship, it will be a different case. Whether your fuckbuddy wants more or you’re single, here are a few things to do:

Reflect on Your Feelings

Do you love the person? Do you start feeling some affection? If yes, give it a shot. But prepare yourself for the adversities ahead.

Be Honest

If you don’t feel anything about your fuckbuddy, tell her the truth. Be honest. Don’t lie. She will accept it thru time.

Talk to Her

Yes, it’s your hookup partner. But she also needs some respect. Don’t leave her without saying goodbye. Talk to her. Then, express your true feelings. If you don’t love her, say it without any hesitation.

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