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What is Considered a Casual Hookup?

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We’ve all been in this situation, for sure.

The thrill, excitement, and adrenaline rush, the moment you lock eyes with someone and know from that moment that things are about to go down. You don’t need to be in love or be committed to a relationship to have sex. “If it happens, it happens,” as most people say. Experiencing casual sex may vary for most people and may come at different points of their lives. Still, one thing is for sure, a sense of euphoria is felt between an intimate and passionate moment shared by two (or even more).

Hookups, a cultural revolution

It is apparent how much sex and dating have changed through the years. Casual hookups have become the norm for most people, starting as early as their adolescent years. Recent data suggest that 60% to 80% of college students have had casual hookups.—becoming an intrinsic part of someone’s sexual and emotional development, especially during their crucial, formative years.

The anatomy of a casual hookup

There’s nothing too complex to understand when identifying a casual hookup. It is what it is. You don’t need to invest your feelings towards someone to do the deed. But, of course, a certain level of attraction comes into play.

The beauty of making things casual is that nothing is expected in return. You’re not obliged to commit yourself to someone you don’t like, and you can easily forget it and move on to another one. But if you feel like making it a regular habit, you can keep them in your contact and have a go at it again.

How to plan the perfect casual hookup

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